Pharmacy: Factors that influence the choice of career and study options

Andrew Davey, Allan M. Evans, Ieva Stupans


The motivations for students who have previously commenced or completed degree studies in non-pharmacy programs to enter a pharmacy program are not clearly defined. In addition, the factors which may influence the selection of a traditional undergraduate vs the newly developed Master of Pharmacy (Graduate Entry) program are unknown. To understand the reasons why such students may choose pharmacy as a career option, students in the University of South Australia pharmacy program were surveyed at the commencement of the 2005 academic year. Participants were asked to score the influence of various factors on their decision to undertake the pharmacy program. The results indicated that future job prospects and a desire to make a contribution to healthcare were uppermost in participant’s minds and the relative costs of the undergraduate and Graduate Entry programs were, not unexpectedly, major factors which influenced the choice of study pathway.


Career choice, Graduate Entry, survey, undergraduate

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