Evaluation of a Model Clinical Therapeutics Curriculum for Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Education in the United States

Neal Whitman, William Wilson


In response to broadly increased prescription privileges of physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) in the United States and the need for training programmes to effectively teach and document the competencies of their students in clinical therapeutics, seven regional health science centers formed a consortium to construct a clinical therapeutics model curriculum. The consortium designed a problem-based curriculum with objectives matched to cases designed to reflect three levels of responsibilities commonly delegated to PAs and NPs: (1) initiating and managing therapy, (2) monitoring and following up care, and (3) delivering emergency care. A survey on training programmes that had access to the model curriculum indicates that it has been helpful to them and their students and that the c should be offered in other content areas.


Clinical therapeutics curriculum; Nurse prac- titioner education; Physician assistant education; Problem- based learning

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