Evaluation of Third Year Doctor of Pharmacy Students’ Attitudes, Perceptions, and Behaviours on their Elective Decisions

Diane E Hadley, Lisa Lebovit, Donna Huynh, Charmaine Rochester


Background: The establishment of a University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP) satellite campus, in conjunction with curricular changes, produced a challenge of ensuring that both campuses received equal access to electives. 

Aims: The aim is to characterise UMSOP third year doctor of pharmacy (P3)  students’ attitudes, perceptions, and behaviours toward their Autumn 2011 and Spring 2012 elective decisions at UMSOP.  The primary outcome focused on determining if elective decisions were driven by internal or external factors. Secondarily the drop/audit process and student’s feedback on elective improvement were assessed.

Method: An IRB approved prospective survey evaluated UMSOP P3 students’ responses.

Results: A response rate of 58% was achieved with a higher frequency of internal factors affecting elective decisions. 

Conclusion: Internal factors drove elective decisions compared to external factors in UMSOP P3 students.


Electives, Internal Factors, External Factors, Doctor of Pharmacy Students

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