Investigation of student views on industrial pharmacy

Janice Kirby-Smith, Jane Portlock, David Brown


Aims: To identify the key reasons why few pharmacy students opt for a career in the pharmaceutical industry.
Methods: A 17 item questionnaire was developed and distributed to final year undergraduates in UK schools of pharmacy. Respondents gave views on possible career choices using structured and open questions and a five point Likert scale. Results: Questionnaires were returned from 219 final year pharmacy undergraduates. Seventy-one students expressed an interest in industrial pharmacy. Key attractions of the industry included a wide range of job opportunities and a research environment; key detractors included lack of patient contact and a perception that work would be dull, difficult and laboratory based.
Conclusion: Undergraduates do not have enough information concerning industrial pharmacy to be able to make informed judgements concerning opportunities in this sector.


Careers, industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy students

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