Design and Evaluation of a “Pharmacists in Schools” Community Outreach Programme: A Pilot Study.

Ryan F Donnelly, Paul J McCague, Helen McPhillips, Gavin Graham, Luc Belaid, Johane Barry, James C McElnay


Aims:To design, evaluate and pilot a novel programme that would allow school children to become “pharmacists for the day”,encouraging them to recognise the importance of science, to contribute to the Department of Health‟s Building the Community Partnership strategy and University Outreach to the community and to provide undergraduate pharmacy students with teaching experience and an opportunity to build their CV.Methods:Concept and formulation development, branding work,schools visits,questionnaires and semi-structured interviews.Results:Suitable formulations were developed and prepared by school children on visits to their schools. The children seemed to enjoy the experience and their teachers gave both positive and constructive feedback. Pharmacy undergraduate students felt they had gained valuable experience that will benefit their future careers.Conclusion: The Pharmacists in Schools outreach programme has now been successfully piloted and launched and will now be fully implemented in 20 schools in the local community.


Pharmacy, Science Engineering and Technology, School children, Community outreach

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