Factors that Influence the Career Choices of Pharmacy Undergraduates

Jennifer Silverthorne, Gareth Price, Lyn Hanning, Justine Scanlan, Judy Cantrill


Background: The Clinical Pharmacy Practice (CPP) course at the University of Manchester ensures students have hospital practice exposure in order to make informed career choices. This study explored influences on career choices and the impact of the CPP course.

Methods: Two questionnaires investigated career decisions, factors influencing these and attitudes towards careers.

Results: Questionnaires were collected for two consecutive year groups. Ninety-five (57%) students had made career decisions at the end of their third year. Previous work experience and the CPP course were the largest influencing factors. Starting salaries were perceived as poor in hospital although opportunities for further education and professional development were perceived as better in this sector.

Discussion: Career information may be best provided by Schools of Pharmacy. Follow-up studies with pre-registration graduates and newly qualified pharmacists are planned. Information will be sought about career expectations, satisfaction and reasons for changing jobs.


Career choice; Education-pharmacy; Pharmacists; Undergraduate

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