Impact of a Community Pharmacy Based Health, Wellness and Prevention Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience

Patricia Naro, Jennifer Beall, Terri Wensel, Eva Click, Betty McCullough, Ashley Heard


Accreditation standards for United States of America (US) schools of pharmacy incorporate introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPE) that provide direct patient care activities. In an effort to blend this requirement with a public health focus, a pharmacy school in the southeastern US developed a weeklong IPPE in a community pharmacy with a public health focus. Activities for this IPPE included providing immunisations, non-prescription product counselling, and medication therapy management. Since its establishment in Autumn of 2011, 18,452 vaccinations have been administered by pharmacy students. This experience can serve as a model for public health patient care activities by pharmacy students in a community pharmacy setting. 


Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience, Public Health, Immunisation, Community Pharmacy

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