Student Focus Groups as an Element of the MPharm Quality Management Programme

Michael H Sosabowski, Rachel Sawers, Anne-Marie Zohoui, Tina Burton, Sally Eynon, Louise Noble, Caroline Ansell, Catherine Murphy, Ajay Patel, Jayne Anne O'Conner, Gail Healey, Alison Penna, Kate Woodrow, Nadine Ryan, Jaimini Patel, Una McPartlan, Chris Aljawhiri, Sally Pearce, Sue Taylor, Anna Thorell, Vanessa Hill, Lynn Martin, Steven Bradley, Morgan Reidy, Tommy Butler, Diane-Marie Barton, Debbie Baker, John Fallon, Caroline Metters, Mary Boucher, Andew Jukes, Nick Reid, Jenny Hodgson, Emma Glover, Alice Goddard, George W J Olivier, Stephen P Denyer


We report the successful introduction of student report focus groups (SFGS) as an element of our School of Pharmacy quality management programme. Student focus groups feature focused discussion, problem-solving and brainstorming, which allow students at each level of the Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree to contribute opinion, commentary, ideas and solutions to the School of Pharmacy (the School) and, in so doing, enhance their own and their colleagues’ education. Focus group outputs are formallyreported to the MPhann Course Board and the focus group facilitator closes the reporting loop by reporting Course Board decisions back to the SFG. The group facilitatormoderates meetings, and is a member of the teaching staff who has a pre-existingprofessional rela:tion.ship with the group. The School demonstrably benefits from inputs, while the group memttem benefit by gaining transferable skills. Group members also gain the opportunity to contribute to the School quality management and assessment process. Qualitative and quantitative evaluations are included which indicate that such groups provide a valuable contribution to the quality management programme of the School. The variety of ways in which the group membersand the whole student body benefit are described.


Quality management; Focus group; Service providers; Respondent

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