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Vol 3, No 4 (2003) An Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Joint Clinical Placement between Podiatry and Pharmacy Students Simon J. Otter, Caroline J. Robinson, Delyth James, Marcus C. Allen, John G. Davies, Graham Stew Abstract   PDF
Vol 16 (2016) An evaluation of Australian pharmacists’ knowledge of glaucoma: Effectiveness of continuous professional development education events Cyd Soriano, David Wechsler, Andrew White, Ivan Goldberg, Geoff Pollard, Mark Naunton Abstract   PDF
Vol 7, No 2 (2007) An evaluation of student response to changes in pharmacology teaching and delivery at an Egyptian School of Pharmacy David Mottram, El-Sayed E. El-Awady, Stephen Moss, James O'Donnell Abstract   PDF
Vol 15 (2015) An evaluation of the ‘CRAMPS’ pedagogy in Pharmacology: Perspectives of medical students at the University of Namibia Dan Kibuule, Secilia Ilonga, Tuula Kaisto, Matthias Adorka, Timothy Rennie Abstract   PDF
Vol 17 (2017) An evaluation of the impact of immediate compared to delayed feedback on the development of counselling skills in pharmacy students Alexander J DeLucenay, Kelly M Conn, Anthony Corigliano Abstract   PDF
Vol 18 (2018) An experiential observational study of graduates from the Japanese six year programme Kayoko Takeda Mamiya, Kiyoshi Takahashi, Ian Bates, Nohoko Kurosawa, Kazumasa Hirata, Hideki Satoh, Yoshimitsu Shimamori Abstract   PDF
Vol 12 (2012) An exploration of feedback provision in a pharmacy degree programme from students’ perspectives Lezley-Anne Hanna, Maurice Hall, John Hennessey Abstract   PDF
Vol 11 (2011) An Exploration of How Students Learn in a Pharmacy Internship Andy Wallman, Maria Gustavsson, Åsa Kettis Lindblad, Lena Ring Abstract   PDF
Vol 3, No 1 (2003) An Incremental Approach to Incorporating Case-based Learning into Pharmacy Curricula Robert S. Kidd, Mark S. Johnson, Douglas L. Smith, Evan T. Robison, David W. Newton Abstract   PDF
Vol 15 (2015) An international review of the use of competency standards in undergraduate pharmacy education Rose E Nash, Leanne Chalmers, Natalie Brown, Shane Jackson, Gregory Peterson Abstract   PDF
Vol 14 (2014) An international survey of Health Literacy Education within schools of pharmacy Glen J Swinburne, Gregory Duncan, Kevin P McNamara, Kay Stewart, Lynne Emmerton, Safeera Y Hussainy Abstract   PDF
Vol 16 (2016) An interprofessional nursing and pharmacy student simulation in acute pain management Erica Ottis, Gretchen Gregory Abstract   PDF
Vol 16 (2016) An investigation of pharmacy student perception of competence-based learning using the individual Skills Evaluation and Development program, iSED® Susan J Allen, Jon Waterfield, Peter Rivers Abstract   PDF
Vol 7, No 4 (2007) An investigation of the self-evaluation skills of first year pharmacy students Shahireh Sharif, Larry A. Gifford, Gareth A. Morris, Jill Barber Abstract   PDF
Vol 14 (2014) An objective assessment of professional pharmacy programmes in the United States Dana R Bowers, Lauren Lyon Kainer, Kayla Ahn Mai, Vincent H Tam Abstract   PDF
Vol 9 (2009) An update of multiple choice questions (MCQs): the sequential multiple choice questions (SMCQs) V. Carta, A. Catalano, M. Ferappi, G. Lentini, F. Palluotto, P. Tortorella, V. Tortorella Abstract   PDF
Vol 7, No 1 (2007) Antibiogram-derived radial decision trees: Innovative visual educational tools for discussing empirical antibiotic selections Paul P. Belliveau, Rocco J. Perla Abstract   PDF
Vol 2, No 3 (2002) Applying Case Methodology to Teach Pharmacy Administration Concepts Lisa W Lawrence Abstract   PDF
Vol 1, No 3 (2001) Are Doctor of Pharmacy Students Prepared for High Technology Learning? Kimberley A Galt, C.Curt Barr, Wayne Young, Charlotte Royeen Abstract   PDF
Vol 17 (2017) Assessing student perceptions of the Pharm.D. degree at a private tertiary medical university in India Kobi T Nathan, Kelly M Conn, Christine R Birnie Abstract   PDF
Vol 10 (2010) Assessment of an Elective in Antibacterial Pharmacotherapy Paul P Belliveau, Ronald Debellis, Gary R Tataronis, Courtney I Jarvis, Michael J Steinberg Abstract   PDF
Vol 1, No 2 (2001) Assessment of Clinical Competence: Designing a Competence Grid for Junior Pharmacists D McRobbie, D G Webb, I Bates, J Wright, J G Davies Abstract   PDF
Vol 15 (2015) Assessment of knowledge and perceptions of generic medicines among pharmacy students in Yemeni universities Gamil Qasem Othman, Mahfoudh A M Abdulghani Abstract   PDF
Vol 15 (2015) Assessment of motivation, learning styles and programme selections of Saudi pharmacy and non- pharmacy candidates during the preparatory year Win Winit-Watjana, Mohamed A Baraka, Ahmed Mostafa, Raniah A Aljaizani Abstract   PDF
Vol 4, No 1 (2004) Assessment of Pharmacists’ Patient Care Competencies: Validity Evidence from Ontario (Canada)’s Quality Assurance and Peer Review Process Zubin Austin, Anthony Marini, Della Croteau, Claudio Violato Abstract   PDF

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