Pharmacy Education is now a member of Crossref


Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) increase the reach and impact of your work. They are used by publishers, repositories, indexers, and providers of research and can accurately identify specific work accurately linking to its authors and creators. 

Pharmacy Education will register your article's content metadata with Crossref, specifically enabling the collection of essential information surrounding publications in a standard way across publishers.

As a Crossref member, we have entered into a reciprocal reference linking agreement with over 16,000 other Crossref members publishing over 111 million works from over 120 countries around the world. Adding DOIs to your reference lists means that you are linking your content with this growing network of scholarly research, and the other Crossref members are required to link back to your content in the same, persistent way.

For archived articles, we are looking to assign DOIs to our backfile and will update authors who have published in the past with us when this has been completed.