Acknowledging our Reviewers


As a Reviewer we hope to accurately draw on your domains of expertise and would encourage you to update your Profile page with your review interest areas. This will help ensure that you only receive requests to review manuscripts that fit within these areas. In addition, we also encourage you to add your ORCID ID to your Profile page [further details on registration and the benefits of creating an ORCID ID can be found here: ]. 

As we continue to experience increases in submissions, going forward Reviewers are expected to complete 3 reviews per year. To acknowledge the vital contribution that our Reviewers continue to make, beginning with this year, we will publish the names of all Reviewers who have contributed to Pharmacy Education on our website. For the TOP 25 Reviewers, we will be issuing Certificates recognising the exceptional contribution made to the Journal. 

Please do let us know if you require any assistance with updating your Profile page or have any colleagues you would like to recommend to be invited to join our Reviewer Panel. You can email Kully Rennie (Managing Editor) at