PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION: Service learning in pharmacy: An effective pedagogical approach to undergraduate education




High school pupils, Public health, Service learning, The University of Manchester, Undergraduate pharmacy education


Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) students at the University of Manchester experience service learning during the third year of the course.  The students put their academic learning into practice and develop many professional skills whilst teaching and enthusing local high school pupils about various public health topics.  This article explores how this example of service learning helps prepare the next generation of pharmacists for their future roles and summarises the practical aspects of the project and its success.

Author Biographies

Rebecca Rafferty, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Pharmacy Service Learning Facilitator, Division of Pharmacy & Optometry

Emma Williams, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice, Division of Pharmacy & Optometry

Sarah C Willis, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Senior lecturerin Social Pharmacy, Division of Pharmacy & Optometry 

David G Allison, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Division of Pharmacy & Optometry


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Rafferty, R., Williams, E., Willis, S. C., & Allison, D. G. (2021). PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION: Service learning in pharmacy: An effective pedagogical approach to undergraduate education. Pharmacy Education, 21, p. 255–262.



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