Google Forms as a useful tool for online formative assessment of a pharmacotherapy course in Indonesia

Innovation in learning assessment


  • L. Lailaturrahmi Andalas University
  • D. Permatasari Andalas University
  • E. Badriyya Andalas University
  • F.S. Wahyuni Andalas University



Formative Assessment, Google Forms, Online Quiz, Indonesia


This case study aims to explore the utilisation of Google Forms as a tool for online formative assessment for the Pharmacotherapy of Infectious Diseases, Immune System, and Cancer (FAF 323) courses at Andalas University, Indonesia. The online formative assessment was conducted to assess students’ progress after completing four online modules (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Drug Hypersensitivity Reaction, Tuberculosis, and Oral Candidiasis). Five questions were designed for each module, which made 20 questions in total. The Google Forms quiz was designed to provide the students with the scores, correct answers, and the feedback directly after submission. The use of Google Forms for online formative assessment purposes is beneficial and practical, although the department only used it once throughout the practice sessions. For optimum benefit, the formative assessment should be completed multiple times throughout the course, so that the lecturers can obtain information about students’ progress through several checkpoints.


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