COVID-19 pandemic and pharmacy education in a developing country: A case study from Nigeria

Innovation in teaching delivery or learning technology



Teaching, Kaduna State, E-learning, Pharmacy Education, Nigeria


Since March 2020, all schools in Nigeria have been closed to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This paper presents the case study of the e-learning strategies adopted by Kaduna State University to reduce the educational disruption during these unprecedented times. As the University had no established e-learning resources, there was a need for prompt training of staff in online teaching. The online teaching methods to be adopted came with their fair share of challenges as e-learning activities had not been taking place at the University prior to the emergence of COVID-19. The University, with the full support of the state government, were making plans to ensure a fixed structure for the integration of e-learning into the syllabus. This case study provides some recommendations that could be adopted by similar institutions that have no previous e-learning structures. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened up opportunities to upgrade the educational mode of delivery and shown the need to embrace emerging technologies.


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COVID-19 Case Study