Perceptions of pharmacy students at a health polytechnic of online learning during COVID-19 pandemic

Innovation in learning assessment



Perception, Pharmacy Students, Online Learning, Indonesia


COVID-19 is a virus that became first apparent in Wuhan City. The virus has spread rapidly throughout the world, including in Indonesia and has caused harm in many countries, not only attacking the health systems but also impacting the social, economic and educational orders. In the field of education, COVID-19 has changed the learning model drastically; all learning activities must now be done online. This case study is a simple descriptive design research with sampling using a stratified random sampling technique. A total of 120 responses were received from students at Department of Pharmacy, Health Polytechnic of Health Ministry Kupang. Data was collected using an online questionnaire. The results of the data analysis showed that 62.5% had a negative perception of online learning. Online learning methods were therefore deemed to be less effective during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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COVID-19 Case Study