An inter-professional approach towards understanding the science, myths and realities of COVID-19 pandemic

Innovation in teaching delivery or learning technology


  • L.M. Azzopardi University of Malta
  • A. Serracino-Inglott University of Malta



E-learning, Communication, Inter-professional Education, COVID-19, Malta


As it spread to pandemic levels, COVID-19 viral infection presented a number of challenges for education, health systems and the wellbeing of society. Evidence-based information on COVID-19 was essential for designing the response to the pandemic. A series of weekly webinars were developed and presented over a 15- week period. An inter-professional panel of experts contributed to the discussions during the webinars. The webinars were planned through a multidimensional approach involving students and practitioners from different healthcare professions encompassing a range of scientific aspects from basic sciences to socio-economic aspects. The evaluations showed the value of the webinars as an e-learning method for inter-professional communication in the discussion and analysis of the scientific evidence and sharing of experiences and data.

Author Biographies

L.M. Azzopardi, University of Malta

Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

A. Serracino-Inglott, University of Malta

Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery


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COVID-19 Case Study