EDITORIAL: An overview of educational challenges and responses to the global pandemic of COVID-19 in pharmacy schools in Turkey


  • Aysu Selcuk Ankara University
  • Gulbin Ozcelikay




COVID-19, turkey, pharmacy education


Education is one of the areas affected by COVID-19. The authorities in Turkey responded fast to COVID-19 with the continuation of distance learning in higher education after 13 days of the first case. It was the first time pharmacy schools provided distance learning in Turkey. Although, in the beginning, there were some problems, students and academic staff adopted an online platform in a few weeks. Surveys completed by students and academic staff demonstrated that distance learning could provide opportunities for students such as easy access to lecture notes and repetition of lectures, and for academic staff improved working environment, flexibility and time-saving. However, both students and academic staff do not agree that face-to-face education should be replaced with distance learning. Using online platforms for distance learning in response to COVID-19 has enlightened faculty in terms of adopting new technology and educational techniques in lectures.


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COVID-19 Editorial