IAI SPECIAL EDITION: White Turmeric (Kaempferia rotunda L.) extract liquid soap preparation for feminine hygiene and effectiveness against Candida albicans


  • Sofi Nurmay Stiani STIKes Salsabila Serang, Banten, Indonesia https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9703-8835
  • Lila Ardiani Putri Universitas Mathla'ul Anwar Banten, Banten, Indonesia
  • Yusransyah STIKes Salsabila Serang, Banten, Indonesia https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2548-5847
  • Dimas Danang Indriatmoko Universitas Mathla'ul Anwar Banten, Banten, Indonesia




Candida albicans, Kaempferia rotunda L., Leucorrhoea, Liquid soap, White turmeric extract


Background: Kaempferia rotunda L. (white turmeric) contains alkaloids, phenols, saponins, glycosides, steroids, terpenoids, and other ingredients with antimicrobial, anticancer, antiallergic, antioxidant, analgesic, and antifungal properties. Meanwhile, vaginal discharge or fluor albus is an excessive release of non-bloody fluid caused by the Candida albicans fungus.   

Objective: This study aimed to formulate white turmeric extracts (Kaempferia rotunda L.) into standard liquid soap for feminine hygiene and to determine the level of antifungal activity against Candida albicans.   

Methods: The liquid soap was produced by the maceration of white turmeric in 70% ethanol, which was evaporated until a thick extract was formed. This soap preparation included 7% stearic acid, 1% adeps lanae, 2% triethanolamine (TEA), 5% glycerol, white turmeric extract (at concentrations of 20%, 25%, and 30%), vanilla oil, and distilled water added up to 100 mL. Furthermore, the well method was used to test the antifungal activity of the preparations, and analysis was done on SPSS.   

Results: The results showed that the white turmeric ethanol extract was effective against the Candida albicans fungus at concentrations of 25% and 30%, with inhibitory diameters of 11 mm and 15 mm (categorised as powerful), respectively. Also, the liquid soap preparations of the extract revealed antifungal activity at a concentration of 30%, with a 9.6 mm inhibition diameter (medium category). The soap met Indonesian National Standard (SNI) requirements, including organoleptic, pH, high foam, and viscosity properties.    

Conclusion: The white turmeric ethanol extract can be formulated into a feminine hygiene soap with antifungal activity at a concentration of 30%.

Author Biographies

Sofi Nurmay Stiani, STIKes Salsabila Serang, Banten, Indonesia

Department of Pharmacy

Lila Ardiani Putri, Universitas Mathla'ul Anwar Banten, Banten, Indonesia

Faculty of Science Pharmacy and Health

Yusransyah, STIKes Salsabila Serang, Banten, Indonesia

Department of Pharmacy

Dimas Danang Indriatmoko, Universitas Mathla'ul Anwar Banten, Banten, Indonesia

Faculty of Science Pharmacy and Health


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