IAI SPECIAL EDITION: In vitro anti-ageing activity of ethanol extract of Cantigi (Vaccinium varingiaefolium Blume Miq.) leaf and the extract loaded gelatin nanoparticles


  • Kosasih Kosasih Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • I Wayan Redja Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Yunahara Farida Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta, Indonesia




Anti-ageing, Cantigi, Extract, In vitro, Nanoparticles


Background: Empirically, Cantigi leaves (Vaccinium varingiaefolium Blume Miq.) have been used for beauty and health, but their activity has not been studied much.    

Objective: To produce an ethanolic extract of Cantigi leaves, nanoparticles of the ethanolic extract and to compare their antioxidant, anticollagenase, and antityrosinase activities.    

Methods: Dry powders of young Cantigi leaves were macerated gradually with hexane, ethyl acetate, and ethanol. Dried extracts were evaluated for specific and non-specific parameters, made into nanoparticles by desolvation using gelatin as polymer and glutaraldehyde as a crosslinker, and then characterized. Antioxidant, anticollagenase, and antityrosinase activities of the extracts and nanoparticles (IC50) were measured and compared.    

Results: The ethanol extract of Cantigi leaves met specific and non-specific parameters. Nanoparticle: particle size of 307.90+2.54 nm, polydispersity index of 0.271+0.01, zeta potential 12.80+0.44 mV, entrapment efficiency of 43.29±3.97%, and spherical. IC50 of anticollagenase, antioxidant, and antityrosinase for extracts 104.18±0.33, 18.87±0.36, 196.88±20.28 ppm; and for nanoparticles 124.40±0.39, 30.14±0.33, and 53.55±27.07 ppm, respectively.    

Conclusion: In general, the nanoparticle activity was lower than the extract activity except for the antityrosinase activity. The slow release of the extract from the nanoparticles is thought to be the cause of the decrease in activity.

Author Biographies

Kosasih Kosasih, Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta, Indonesia

Fakultas Farmasi

I Wayan Redja, Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta, Indonesia

Fakultas Farmasi

Yunahara Farida, Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta, Indonesia

Fakultas Farmasi


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Kosasih, K., Redja, I. W. ., & Farida, Y. . (2022). IAI SPECIAL EDITION: In vitro anti-ageing activity of ethanol extract of Cantigi (Vaccinium varingiaefolium Blume Miq.) leaf and the extract loaded gelatin nanoparticles. Pharmacy Education, 22(2), p. 151–155. https://doi.org/10.46542/pe.2022.222.151155



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