Taking the mystery out of choosing a journal for publishing your manuscript


  • Nicole C. Cheung Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, United States
  • KarenBeth H. Bohan Binghamton University, Johnson City, United States https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1490-410X




Academia, Journal metric, Journal selection, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical science, Publishing


Determining the most appropriate journal for manuscript submission for pharmacy and pharmaceutical science researchers can be difficult for young and experienced faculty alike and may be the most crucial step to promote successful publication. Although journals are ranked using traditional citation metrics such as the journal impact factor (JIF) and more novel altmetrics, researchers need to consider and prioritise various factors, such as the journal’s aims and scope, intended audience members, and ease of access to promote readership and further studies. Authors also need to be mindful of predatory journals, realistic expectations for acceptance and rejection, as well as promotion and tenure guidelines. The purpose of this article is to give direction and provide resources for academic pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world on how to select an appropriate journal for their work to promote a successful publication experience.

Author Biographies

Nicole C. Cheung, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, United States

College of Pharmacy

KarenBeth H. Bohan, Binghamton University, Johnson City, United States

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


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