Mapping of the Australian Qualifications Framework Standards onto an undergraduate Bachelor of Pharmacy course


  • Daniel T Malone Monash University, Victoria
  • Jennifer L Short Monash University, Victoria
  • Som Naidu Monash University, Victoria,
  • Paul J White Monash University, Victoria
  • Carl M Kirkpatrick Monash University, Victoria


Curriculum Mapping, Australian Qualifications Framework, Bachelor of Pharmacy


Background: By the start of 2015 all higher education courses in Australia were required to be compliant with a new version of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Aims: To evaluate the extent to which knowledge, skills and application of knowledge and skills in the Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) course meet AQF requirements for a level 8 in-course honours degree, and to determine the effectiveness of this mapping process.

Methods: A rubric was developed and validated to map the B.Pharm curriculum against AQF level 8 criteria and the efficacy of the mapping process was ascertained.

Results: The mapping process enabled an evaluation of student attributes and recommendations were made in terms of course improvement. Feedback about the process from stream and unit coordinators was generally positive.

Conclusion: The tools and strategies developed as part of this mapping process will be useful for others seeking to provide similar information to accreditation bodies regarding the coverage of specific skills and attributes taught, practiced or assessed in their courses. 

Author Biographies

Daniel T Malone, Monash University, Victoria

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Jennifer L Short, Monash University, Victoria

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Som Naidu, Monash University, Victoria,

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Paul J White, Monash University, Victoria

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Carl M Kirkpatrick, Monash University, Victoria

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


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