RESEARCH ARTICLE: Evaluation of pharmaceutical education in the State of Libya: An academic perspective




FIP framework, Indicator, Libya, Pharmacy Education, Quality


Objective: This study evaluates the quality of educational standards in the colleges of pharmacy in the State of Libya using FIP-QA framework which is made of five sections representing the five pillars of quality, namely: context, structure, process, outcomes and impact.

Method: A questionnaire was constructed based on the indicators in each section of the framework. Answers were collected by distributing the questionnaire to eight colleges of pharmacy at public universities.

Results: 42 out of 50 professors completed the questionnaire. Most participants believe that the context, structure and process of pharmaceutical education in Libya require significant improvement in order to comply with international standards.

Conclusions: Since the impact of pharmacy education depends on the previous pillars, it is clear that the current curricula are inefficacious in producing graduates who have the competencies to exercise patient-centred roles, and to address the limitations in providing pharmaceutical care-related services.

Author Biographies

Mohamd M. Milad, University Of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya

Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy

Amal Y. Benkorah, University Of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya

Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy



First meeting for the Development Committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy, UOT with all sectors of the Libyan pharmaceutical community. Series of 6 meetings (April - December 2015)

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