PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION: Implementation of a capstone course with Formative OSCEs to evaluate preparedness for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE)




Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences, Assessment, Capstone, Objective structured clinical examinations


Background: Capstone courses are well documented in pharmacy programmes, but vary in content, methods, and assessment.       

Aim: To describe the development and implementation of a capstone course for pharmacy students.   

Description: Components of the capstone course included clinical reviews, pre-tests, calculations, cases, and formative and summative objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs). Formative OSCEs were a unique aspect of this capstone course, and were used to help students identify clinical strengths and recognise areas of weakness prior to advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPE).     

Evaluation: A total of 72 students completed the capstone course in spring 2018.  Student survey data indicated that the format of the course was conducive to learning, particularly the use of formative OSCEs.     

Conclusion: A capstone course was successfully designed and implemented that assessed a variety of pharmacy knowledge and skills prior to APPE. Student feedback and performance in the course provided insight that led to revisions in the pre-APPE curriculum.

Author Biographies

Ashleigh L Barrickman, West Virginia University School of Pharmacy, USA

Department of Clinical Pharmacy

Lena Maynor, West Virginia University School of Pharmacy, USA

Department of Clinical Pharmacy


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