Perceptions of graduates and preceptors regarding a new pharmacy programme

Therese Kairuz, Sarah Case, John Shaw


Objective: To explore perceptions of pharmacy graduates and preceptors regarding a new undergraduate pharmacy degree. Method: Data from focus groups and interviews with pharmacy graduates and preceptors were qualitatively analysed by
thematic coding.
Results: Participants identified strengths such as clinical knowledge and research skills; areas needing improvement were
communications and calculations. Other areas identified by both graduates and preceptors included organization and management skills, longer externship experiential learning and extemporaneous compounding. It was suggested that extending the duration of the externship experience would facilitate the shift into the workplace and consolidate undergraduate learning. The internship programme was considered essential for personal development and for putting theory into practice.
Conclusion: Both preceptors and graduates were satisfied with the undergraduate program. The knowledge, skills and attitudes displayed by graduates were considered to be adequate, providing a firm foundation for future practice.


Graduate, undergraduate, preceptor, accreditation, competence standards


Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (March 2001). Position Statement. Accreditation of Pharmacy Schools. URL: http://www. Accessed 10 July 2006.


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