Poster sessions as a learning tool in teaching immunochemical techniques

Humberto J. Morris, Irasema Pérez, Gabriel Llauradó, Odalys Rodríguez


The role of poster sessions as teaching and learning tools is increasing and this article describes the experiences in the development of poster sessions, as a learning tool, in the learning and teaching of the principles and applications of immunochemical techniques to Pharmacy students. Posters illustrate up to date information on techniques, chosen by the students, starting from a systematic search of specialised literature. The article discusses advantages of poster sessions as teaching and learning resource, including acquiring abilities for making and presenting a poster (and hence the messages) to a scientific audience, gaining incentives for researching a topic in depth, and promoting scientific topics (eg. immunology) in the department. This approach is a valuable learning tool, not only due to the comprehensive introduction to scientific (immunochemical) techniques, but also because it helps the students to prepare for their future career plans. In course evaluations, the students cited a high degree of satisfaction with poster presentations.


immunochemical techniques, Immunology, Pharmacy students, poster sessions, teaching, and learning

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