The Use of a Virtual Learning Environment During the Internship of Final Year Pharmacy Students

Lies Leemans, Ann Verstraeten, Lieven Zwaenepoel, Gert Laekeman


An assessment was designed using Questionmark Perception, one of the programmes embedded in the TOLEDO-platform, to evaluate students’ progress in knowledge on 12 classes of OTC-medication. We investigated the use of the programme after one trimester of internship in pharmacy. Students do not use the programme intensively to monitor their progress, probably because of inadequate but requisite skill attainment prior to course enrolment. If we want to use the TOLEDO platform as a tool in guided self-study, we have to realise that demand for computer literacy, along with the need to identify computer skills of students prior to starting the course, would have to increase.


TOLEDO; Questionmark; Internet; Internship; Pharmacy

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