What are the attributes of good pharmacy faculty (lecturers)? An international comparison of the views of pharmacy undergraduate students from universities in Australia and Wales, UK

M Joy Spark, Rawan Tawil, Breannan O'Brien, Zelda Sutherland-Plozza, Sarah Charles, Dai N John


This study aimed to investigate what La Trobe pharmacy students (Australia) considered to be the attributes of a good lecturer (faculty member) and to compare the findings to pharmacy undergraduates at Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom (UK). A 22 item questionnaire, developed at Cardiff, was administered to students at La Trobe University. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics, and Mann-Whitney U Test or Kruskal-Wallis Test were used to compare groups. Ethics approval was obtained. Pharmacy students believed good lecturers (faculty) provided clear instruction and assessment criteria, were enthusiastic, inspired students to do their best, motivated students to learn, were accessible for support and started the teaching sessions on time. They also provided timely feedback and illustrated the relevance of material to pharmacy. Australian and UK pharmacy undergraduates in this study shared the same opinions on most aspects of the positive attributes of faculty (lecturers). 


Assessment, Feedback, Learning, Interaction, Motivation, Student Support

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