Smartphone use and acceptability amongst undergraduate pharmacy students

Shane Pawluk, Nesma Eissa


Background: Smartphones offer unique resources useful for practicing pharmacists; however their acceptance among students within pharmacy educational institutions as learning tools remains unclear.

Method: A 30-point questionnaire was administered to pharmacy students, with descriptive statistics used to calculate frequencies and percentages.

Results: Data were obtained from 81 pharmacy students. All responding students owned a smartphone; 56.1% of respondents reported using their smartphone for educational purposes at least twice weekly. Ninety-five point eight per cent of students believed that resources offered on the smartphone were more easily accessible compared to traditional textbooks. However, 87.5% believed that faculty might think students are using non-medical applications if these devices should be allowed in the classroom setting.

Conclusion: This report highlighted that smartphone usage is prominent among pharmacy students and indicates agreement on benefits and barriers should these devices be allowed in the educational setting. 


Mobile Medical Applications, Mobile Technology, Pharmacy Student Perceptions, Smartphones

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