Differences in predictors of academic success using multi- and individual year student admissions data

Lea S Eiland, Philippe R Gaillard, Shirley Fan, Paul W Jungnickel


Introduction: Schools of pharmacy continually focus on improving methods used to admit successful students. This study evaluated multi-year and individual year admissions data to assess predictors of student success.

Methods: Three years of student admissions data were compared to selected student outcomes to identify predictors of student success. Pearson correlation coefficients and regression analyses were used.

Results: Data of 417 students were evaluated. Pre-pharmacy cumulative and science grade point averages (GPA) were the strongest predictors of final pharmacy cumulative (FPC) GPA and individual grades in science and therapeutic courses for all multi-year and individual class analyses (r=0.41-0.55, p<0.001). The Pharmacy College Admissions Test composite and chemistry scores correlated with FPC GPA and course grades for all analyses (r=0.19-0.49, p<0.05). Predictors of passing the North American Pharmacy Licensure Exam varied. Correlations differed when evaluating multi-year and individual year data.

Conclusion: Schools should conduct both multi-year and individual year analyses to determine predictors of academic success. 


Academic Performance; Admission; Grades; Pharmacy School; Predictors; Student Pharmacists

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