A collaborative clinical pharmacy research assistant programme for pharmacy students


  • Flora G Estes Pharmacy Practice, Texas Southern University, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Texas


Assistant, Clinical, Pharmacy, Preceptor


Introduction: To expose pharmacy students to research methodologies through didactic and interactive activities and increase student awareness of pharmacy opportunities in the research sector.

Programme Description: Students selected were in their first professional year. All remained in the research programme until the end of their third professional year.  Students were selected based on academic and professional year standing, and interest in research. Students were assigned a research mentor and were required to complete a research project and present their research findings. 

Evaluation: In Phase I - a monthly progress report from each student documented progress on the research project, evaluated their performance by including their strengths and weaknesses, and outlined their plans for improvement.  

Future Plans: An expansion (Phase II) of the pilot study is being implemented. In Phase II, the students and the preceptors will be required to submit quarterly evaluations of each other’s performance in addition to the monthly documentation.

Author Biography

Flora G Estes, Pharmacy Practice, Texas Southern University, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Texas

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department


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