Choosing Pharmacy as a Major: Motivations and Influences


  • Suleiman I Sharif Department Of Pharmacy Practice & Pharmacotherapeutics, College of Pharmacy, University of Sharjah
  • Rubian S Sharif Faculty of Dentistry, Ajman University of Science and Technology


Motivation, Influences, Pharmacy, Sharjah, Undergraduate


Background: Motivations to choose pharmacy as a major have been the subject of numerous international studies.

Aims: This study was undertaken to assess factors and motivations that influenced pharmacy undergraduates to choose pharmacy as a major. 

Method: A pre-validated anonymous questionnaire was distributed to 400 first and second year students at the Sharjah College of Pharmacy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The questionnaire covered demographic parameters and motivations and factors influencing student’s choice of pharmacy.  

Results: The response rate was 82.5% with the majority being females comprising and self-sponsored. The parents of about 25% students were pharmacists and other health professionals. Desire to help and serve others and student's interest in science were the major motivation and factors influencing choice, while University and College were selected because of reasonable tuition fees and reputation. Knowledge of students seems adequate enough and is reflected in their rational choice of pharmacy as a major.

Author Biography

Suleiman I Sharif, Department Of Pharmacy Practice & Pharmacotherapeutics, College of Pharmacy, University of Sharjah

Dean, College of Pharmacy



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