Evaluation of student-pharmacists’ experiences in COVID-19 vaccination clinics


  • May Thandar School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, United States
  • Gina M. Prescott School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, United States
  • Jaime Maerten-Rivera School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, United States
  • William Allan Prescott Jr. School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, United States
  • Karl D. Fiebelkorn School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, United States
  • Nicholas M. Fusco School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, United States




COVID-19 Vaccination, Immunisation, Pharmacy education, Public health, Student-pharmacists


Objective: To examine the impact that participation in 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination clinics had on students’ self-assessed ability to vaccinate and secondarily, to examine the impact these experiences had on student perspectives of pharmacist engagement in public health.    

Methods: Student pharmacists who volunteered in COVID-19 vaccination clinics were invited to complete an anonymous, electronic survey consisting of items pertaining to their self-assessed ability to vaccinate and attitudes towards pharmacist engagement in public health in a retrospective pre/post-experience.   

Results: Students indicated that the experiences were valuable, participation increased their comfort level with vaccination, and they were better prepared to engage in vaccination following engagement. Additionally,  student attitudes toward pharmacist engagement in public health improved after engagement.    

Conclusion: Participation in COVID-19 vaccination clinics had a positive effect on students’ self-efficacy toward vaccination and their attitudes toward pharmacist engagement in public health. Similar opportunities should be promoted to student-pharmacists to facilitate their professional development.


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