Practice evaluation and identification of learning and development needs using the General Level Framework – are we meeting pharmacists needs?


  • Jaclyn Costello Medication Services Queensland
  • Lynda Cardiff Medication Services Queensland
  • Ian Coombes Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Brisbane, Queensland & University of Queensland


Competency, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Development, Evaluation, Pharmacist, Training


Background: The General Level Framework (GLF) is a competency based performance evaluation and development tool used to identify gaps in knowledge, skills and attitudes, provide feedback and assist with the formulation of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan. Medication Services Queensland provided up-skilling workshops for hospital pharmacists employed by Queensland Health, the objectives of which were derived from training needs identified during GLF evaluations and feedback.

Aim: This study aims to compare learning and development needs of pharmacists identified through GLF evaluation in the previous 14 months, with the learning objectives of the existing up-skilling workshop and to review the CPD recommendations made during the GLF process.

Method: Two hundred and twenty GLF evaluations, completed over 14 months were retrospectively reviewed. Recommendations were entered into Microsoft ExcelTM and themed according to (a) those related to general CPD and (b) those related to specific GLF competencies.

Results: The five most frequent training and learning needs were centred around two competency clusters: pharmacological knowledge and CPD. The next most common grouping of recommendations correlated with the learning objectives of the up- skilling workshop and included documentation of clinical pharmacy review activities, exploring patient’s understanding, prioritisation, use of decision support and patient background and reconciliation.

Conclusion: The GLF is a valuable tool to assist pharmacists with identifying their individual training and learning needs, and correlate with the learning objectives of the up-skilling workshop. 

Author Biographies

Jaclyn Costello, Medication Services Queensland

Medication Safety Officer (Seconded from Redcliffe Hospital), Pharmacy Practice and Development Unit

Lynda Cardiff, Medication Services Queensland

Medication Safety Officer, Pharmacy Practice and Development Unit

Ian Coombes, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Brisbane, Queensland & University of Queensland

Director of Pharmacy, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital & Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland


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