A decade of publishing in Pharmacy Education: A content analysis


  • Timothy Rennie School of Pharmacy, University of Namibia
  • Dan Kibuule School of Pharmacy, University of Namibia
  • Louis Prins School of Pharmacy, University of Namibia
  • Seno Namwandi School of Pharmacy, University of Namibia


Pharmacy Education, Content Analysis, Publishing


Background: The journal Pharmacy Education has published articles in the education field of pharmacy for over a decade. This period has seen changes in pharmacy and educational practice, as well as the journal publishers and editorial team.

Aims: The aim of the current article was to review the publishing content of the journal to inform future direction.

Method: Articles were extracted from a 12 year period (2000 – 2011) from the journal’s inception. Data from the downloaded articles were extracted and analysed for content. Descriptive analyses were performed focusing particularly on the research reporting.

Results: Analysis revealed that the volume of publishing varied considerably over the 12 year period. Most principal authors were from ‘Western’ settings, particularly the United Kingdom; about 1/3 of research articles involved some level of collaboration. Most principal authors were based in the academic setting; very few articles appeared to have received funding.

Conclusion: A greater focus needs to be paid to the international audience. Improvements in quality of the journal may include a stabilisation of the numbers of annual publications and a greater proportion of experimental research. There is an emerging imperative for pharmacy educators in the practice setting to increase the dissemination and publication of educational development and research; all pharmacy educators are challenged with seeking funding to support their activities. 

Author Biography

Timothy Rennie, School of Pharmacy, University of Namibia

Associate Dean, School of Pharmacy


Anderson, U.S., Kelling, A.S. & Maple, T.L. (2008) Twenty- Five Years of Zoo Biology: A Publication Analysis. Zoo Biology; 27: 444–457.





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