The Development of a Managed Learning Environment using WebCT to Facilitate 4th Year M.Pharm Undergraduates Ability to Counsel Patients in Preparation for OSCEs


  • Paul M. Rutter Pharmacy Practice Department, School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science, St. Michael’s Building, White Swan Road, Portsmouth PO1 2DT, UK


Observed structured clinical exams, Counselling, WebCT, Curriculum


Observed structured clinical exams (OSCEs) are a recognised way for educators to measure competence of pre- and post-qualified health care practitioners. Within the pharmacy practice division, School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, Portsmouth University, UK, OSCEs have become an established part of final year of the curriculum. However, student cohorts over the last three years have successively demonstrated poor performance on counselling patients, one of the key stations.

In an attempt to improve counselling performance, a web-based package was constructed containing standardised counselling templates. Student access to the site was monitored and evaluated along with assessment scores compared to the uptake of the site. It was found that students who had used the site scored significantly higher marks than those who had not. In addition, students believed the site was beneficial and would use such a site again if the opportunity arose.


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