Quality Management in Pharmacy Pre-registration Training: Recommendations for the Future


  • Elizabeth Mills Keele University
  • Alison Blenkinsopp University of Bradford
  • Patricia Black Keele University


Medical Training, Pharmacy Pre-registration Training, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Management


Background: This work forms part of a review of pharmacy education and training undertaken by the pharmacy regulator in the U.K.. It is the last in a series of three papers describing a review of quality management systems for pharmacy pre-registration training in the U.K..

Aims: To synthesise the data collected in the first two stages of the study and with key pharmacy stakeholders identify specific quality management strategies for implementation in the pharmacy pre-registration year.

Methods: Interim analysis of data collected from questionnaires and interviews to produce a preliminary set of recommendations which were presented for discussion at a stakeholder meeting.

Results: The stakeholders agreed to the recommendations with a number of provisos. There was support amongst stakeholders for a national quality management system in pharmacy that applies to all sectors.

Conclusion: This paper makes some general recommendations for the Pharmacy Pre-registration Scheme. What is now needed is clarification of the infrastructure within which the quality management systems are to be implemented. This will then allow a quality management system to be built defining the roles and responsibilities of each level of organisation within the infrastructure. 

Author Biographies

Elizabeth Mills, Keele University

Postgraduate Academic Course Manager, School of Pharmacy

Alison Blenkinsopp, University of Bradford

Professor of the Practice of Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy

Patricia Black, Keele University

Professor of Pharmacy Professional Development and Education, School of Pharmacy


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