A proposal of a standard structure and approach for Pharmaceutical Care Case Reports


  • R. Martins Master’s Degree Course at Federal University of Bahia, Brazil and State University of Bahia, Brazil
  • M. P. Pacheco Popular Pharmacy, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and State University of Bahia, Brazil
  • P. S. Araújo State University of Bahia, Brazil
  • R. Badaro Federal University of Bahia, Brazil


approach, case report, pharmaceutical care, structure


Background: Case report is a scientific publication format with qualitative characteristic that describes diseases, rare conditions, complications, alternatives interventions, drug side effects, novelty management and/or results obtained of a patient. Pharmacists’ clinical practice seems to be consolidated and is growing. However, there is an urgent need to communicate what is being done and how it is being done.
Aim: To evaluate case reports related to pharmaceutical care regarding its structure and approach and finally propose a logical standard structure and approach.
Methods: A systematic literature review using the terms “pharmaceutical care”, “clinical pharmacy” and “pharmaceutical service” limited to a “case report” at MEDLINE, WEB of SCIENCE and SCOPUS data bases. The case reports identified fit into specific criteria of inclusion and exclusion criteria.
Results: Thirty four case reports matched the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The case reports evaluated point to no consensus on items to compose a case report structure. They all were incomplete in the identification of the pharmaceutical care process.
Discussion: There are some suggestions to the structure of case reports, but they were limited to the physician point of view and did not identify pharmacist clinical practice. To show the particularities of this practice it is necessary to utilize the practice language to reveal its specific approach. A proposal is subsequently presented and we try to clarify the important points to be addressed in the structure and the specific language to be utilized.
Conclusion: Pharmacists should use a standard structure and approach to present or publish case reports contributing to the academic and scientific community and effectively sharing clinical experience in a complete and uniform manner.


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