Evaluation of effectiveness and relevance of Safe Medication Practice Tutorials as a course for pharmacist prescribers in New Zealand


  • Ian Coombes Centre for Safe and Effective Prescribing, University of Queensland and Medication Services Queensland, Queensland Health
  • Amanda Wheeler School of Human Services, Griffith Health, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia and Schools of Pharmacy and Nursing, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Andrew Hale Centre for Safe and Effective Prescribing, University of Queensland


non-medical prescribing, pharmacy, prescribing training, evaluation


Prescribing errors are associated with a significant risk of patient harm, and often caused by a lack of knowledge and skills on behalf of prescribers. The Safe Medication Practice Tutorials (SMPTs), which highlight error prone conditions and common errors within the healthcare system, were amended and presented in a one day workshop to experienced clinical pharmacists in New Zealand (n=14). Attendees were asked to provide feedback on the relevance of the tutorials as possible elements of a future course for pharmacist prescribing. There was an overwhelming agreement from attendees that all components of the course were relevant, with five sessions rated as essential; error awareness and prescribing safety; medication history taking; use of local medication charts and high risk scenarios; discharge prescribing; and feedback on errors.
The SMPTs should be considered as a component of future non-medical prescribing courses to increase the awareness of prescribing errors and improve safe prescribing practices.


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