Evaluation of workshop-based peer review training to support pharmacist professional development


  • Michael Connolly Royal Hobart Hospital and University of Tasmania
  • Victoria Rutter Jurong Health
  • Lynda Cardiff Queensland University of Technology


Peer Review, Professional Development, Feedback, Foundation Level Pharmacist


Introduction: A ‘Foundation Level Pharmacy Practice Development Programme’ was pioneered by two hospitals in Singapore. Feedback and supervision skills were provided to pharmacists involved in the programme implementation.

Method: A three day small-group workshop was conducted by a qualified and experienced peer review evaluator with a background in pharmacist training. Various delivery methods were used to educate attendees on a number of topics, including clinical supervision and provision of effective feedback. To evaluate the workshop a pre- and post-workshop survey was completed by each attendee to explore self-perceived improvements in confidence, knowledge and skills.

Results: Attendee’s responses demonstrated a significant improvement in skills, confidence and knowledge as a result of participation in the workshop.

Discussion: Workshop participants perceived positive changes in their confidence, knowledge and skills in areas relating to peer review processes. Further evaluation is warranted to investigate the success of the programme and to identify future training needs. 

Author Biographies

Michael Connolly, Royal Hobart Hospital and University of Tasmania

Senior Clinical Pharmacist And Clinical Pharmacy Lecturer

Victoria Rutter, Jurong Health

Senior Clinical Pharmacist

Lynda Cardiff, Queensland University of Technology

Project Manager, School of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health 


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