Navigating across international borders: a guide to research in low and middle-income countries for first- timers


  • Yardlee S Kauffman Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, Pennsylvania
  • Lauren Jonkman University of Pittsburgh
  • Sharon E Connor University of Pittsburgh


Global Health, Research, Low and Middle-Income Countries


Pharmacy students and residents who become involved in research in low and middle-income countries should be aware of potential challenges that may occur when working in these settings. This article aims to describe logistical and ethical issues associated with conducting research in low and middle-income countries (LMIC) and provides recommendations for individuals who are planning to develop and implement a research project in a LMIC. Recommended planning should involve engagement of local stakeholders where the project will take place, researching and contacting an ethical review board prior to submission, and maintaining flexibility when considering issues that occur on the ground. Anecdotal information is provided to enlighten researchers about potential issues they may encounter. Using the suggested tips as a guide will help to ensure that a successful research project and positive learning experience occur. 

Author Biographies

Yardlee S Kauffman, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, Pennsylvania

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration

Lauren Jonkman, University of Pittsburgh

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy & Therapeutics, School of Pharmacy

Sharon E Connor, University of Pittsburgh

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy & Therapeutics, School of Pharmacy


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