The Satisfaction and Perception of Intern Pharmacists towards their Training in Government Hospitals in the Northern Region of Malaysia


  • Gillian Shih Yen Phua Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah
  • Chee Jia Teoh Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim
  • Lai Bun Khong Kedah State Department of Health
  • Baharudin Baba Kedah State Department of Health
  • Chun Wei Lim Kedah State Department of Health
  • Wan Ling Koh Kedah State Department of Health
  • Nur Azimah Mohd Rhazi Hospital Kulim
  • Norasyikin Che Ayob Kedah State Department of Health


Hospital, Intern, Internship, Perception, Satisfaction


Background: In Malaysia, graduate pharmacists undergo a structured internship programme in government hospitals.

Aim: As there are no prior studies, this study aims to evaluate the interns’ satisfaction level and perception towards their training.

Methods: A self-administered questionnaire to gauge job satisfaction and perception towards the internship programme in terms of preceptors, self-competence, the workplace, logbooks and training duration.

Results: Mean scores on job satisfaction (3.27), perception towards preceptors’ competence (3.65) and self-competence (3.65), and preparedness for training upon university graduation (3.40) were above average on a five-point Likert scale. Fairness in the workplace scored below average (2.90). The internship duration was mostly deemed “just nice” (85%), while 38% felt that the log books were complicated.

Conclusion: Job satisfaction level was moderate among intern pharmacists and is influenced by the place of work according to the provincial state, ethnicity of the intern, perceived fairness in the workplace and the perception towards preceptors’ and own competence. 

Author Biographies

Gillian Shih Yen Phua, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah

Pharmacist, Pharmacy Department, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah

Chee Jia Teoh, Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim

Pharmacist, Pharmacy Department, Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim

Lai Bun Khong, Kedah State Department of Health

Deputy State Director (Pharmacy)

Baharudin Baba, Kedah State Department of Health

Assistant Deputy State Director (Pharmacy)

Chun Wei Lim, Kedah State Department of Health

Assistant Director, Pharmaceutical Services Division

Wan Ling Koh, Kedah State Department of Health

Assistant Director, Pharmaceutical Services Division

Nur Azimah Mohd Rhazi, Hospital Kulim

Pharmacist, Pharmacy Department, Hospital Kulim

Norasyikin Che Ayob, Kedah State Department of Health

Principal Assistant Director, Pharmaceutical Services Division


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