Quality assurance, accreditation, and glocalisation of pharmacy programmes


  • Abubakar Ibrahim Jatau University of Tasmania, Tasmania
  • Long Chiau Ming University of Tasmania, Tasmania & KPJ Healthcare University College, Nilai, Malaysia
  • Ahmed Awaisu Qatar University, Doha


Pharmacy, Programme Assessment, Franchise, Quality, Glocalisation


Pharmacy programmes assessment is one of the most essential elements of quality assurance and a means of producing competent graduates. This short communication emphasises the need for the quality and monitoring of franchised pharmacy degree programmes. The authors recommend adopting measures that ensure the maximum coordination of the many franchised pharmacy programmes. Such measures would not only be beneficial to maintaining the integrity of the institute, but also result in competitive and competent pharmacy professionals that will serve the needs of society. 

Author Biographies

Abubakar Ibrahim Jatau, University of Tasmania, Tasmania

Division of Pharmacy, School of Medicine

Long Chiau Ming, University of Tasmania, Tasmania & KPJ Healthcare University College, Nilai, Malaysia

Division of Pharmacy, School of Medicine (University of Tasmania) & School of Pharmacy, KPJ Healthcare University College

Ahmed Awaisu, Qatar University, Doha

Associate Professor - College of Pharmacy


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Jatau, A. I., Ming, L. C., & Awaisu, A. (2018). Quality assurance, accreditation, and glocalisation of pharmacy programmes. Pharmacy Education, 18, p 149–150. Retrieved from https://pharmacyeducation.fip.org/pharmacyeducation/article/view/586



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